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  • Referee's assistant James Farries reflected in a puddle during Brentford-Millwall.

    Griffin Park, London, 14 November 2009.

  • The "Palace Crystals" cheerleaders perform before Crystal Palace-Peterborough.

    Selhurst Park, London, 30 January 2010.

  • Goalkeeper Nick Liversedge and other players have a break during Barnet-Darlington.

    Underhill ground, London, 24 October 2009.

  • Grass darts away as goalkeeper David Forde kicks the ball during Millwall-Colchester.

    New Den Stadium, London, 21 October 2009.

  • Training cones lie on the ground during a warm-up session in Brentford-Millwall.

    Griffin Park, London, 14 November 2009.

  • Three planes fly over the pitch while goalkeeper Rob Elliot celebrates Charlton Athletic's third goal against Millwall.

    The Valley Stadium, London, 19 December 2009.

  • During Crystal Palace-Peterborough, Claude Davis and Charlie Lee fight for the ball.

    Selhurst Park, London, 30 January 2010.

  • Martin Elgar and his dog Sasha observe Harrow Borough-Tooting & Mitcham Utd.

    Earlsmead ground, London, 13 February 2010.

Saturday 3 PM

London, Saturday afternoon, a football ground. An intense match, players running towards the goal, heavy breathing and people cheering. What catches our attention, though, are those training cones lying on the ground. Those planes flying over the stadium. That bizarre reflection in a puddle. Here, you won't find the usual football shots. Nor will you find something completely different, either. Pictures are taken through the traditional grammar of a football match - but they also have something disturbing, slightly disappointing to the viewer.

A search for the unusual and the surreal in a sort of rebellion to the liturgy. A look-out for a new point of view on the match. Different matches, different grounds in London, different players - altogether in order to create an ideal, never ending game.