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  • Winter means loneliness. A broken tree, a solitary lady and her walking stick

  • The slighest noise would scare them off. Perfect stillness. Perfect silence.

  • Cold, still, frozen - life fallen from a tree and crystallised in a waterdrop.

  • On the way back home, climbing up until the top.

  • Dusk is the time for fairytales - city life and nature in harmony.

  • Love is forever, and so are its marks. How old is P.W. today?

  • An old married couple resting in their front porch.

  • A stage, an actor, a scenery made of clouds - reality or imagination?

Royal Trees

Autumn and winter. Nature changing - becoming more intimate, less exuberant, more discreet. Trees baring their branches, grass turning red, animals getting wary. Richmond Park, the largest among London Royal Parks, is the setting. Protagonists, trees and wildlife - oaks, birches, squirrels, parakeets, red and fallow deer. A story of magic and silence, shot in long look-outs and quiet observation.