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  • "CouchSurfing restored my faith in humanity. Meeting such an incredible, diverse array of individuals who were acting selflessly to help fellow travellers was immensely inspiring. CouchSurfing relies on a bond of trust between host and surfer which I'd never experienced before"

  • COUCH #1 YURIKO, near King's Cross

    "I'm on a year's abroad programme in London at the moment :) So for the first time, I actually have a 'couch' to offer!! I live in student accommodation. So anyone couchsurfing would have to sleep on the floor, but I can borrow a futon-like mattress from the reception"

  • "Hosting is a pleasure but I do not like to feel like a hostel. So, I would appreciate that you cook me a meal, teach me something, share something of yourself, your talent, your experience, a drink, something from your life"

  • "I live in a warehouse that we built ourselves, with a band room/recording studio in the middle. We have a sea of mattresses above the band room. If you message me please include the word 'bicycle' to prove you've bothered to read my profile otherwise I won't respond"

  • "Travellers always got some nice stories to tell and I want to hear that as much as I want to tell mine!"

  • "I was just blown away from the amazing tales of their bike trip: all the way from India back to London!!! I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of traveling by bike to chat to them beforehand: they are super knowledgeable and super nice too!"

A COUCH IN LONDON is the largest social networking website for sharing free and safe hospitality all around the world. Better, it's a lifestyle: a certain spirit of adventure, a desire to meet new people and a fundamentally nomadic nature.

It's a web community, but it requires a real meeting, so when you add someone as a friends it's because you've hosted them or been hosted by them in real life.

Some of 26,000 London-based "surfers" show their couches - texts are from their profiles.