Pucci Wedding Photofilm

Pretty in white

We made it! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the first wedding photofilm ever

30 December 2011

Yes, we’ve decided to go emotional and to try our hand with a tricky subject – the most personal, intimate and unforgettable day in two (or maybe more) people’s lives. We think a photofilm can be the perfect medium for such an event – a 100% tailored and exclusive production, aimed to capturing the very essence of the unique way two people cherish each other.

Our partners in this new adventure are two very well known, award-winning photographers – Fjona Wei-ling and Daniele Del Castillo. They took care of the photographs during the two weddings we covered – one in London and the other one in Milan, Italy. We recorded the audio and used our creativity to build a narrative around it.

Both photographers are awarded members of WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), which gathers the best wedding photojournalist in the world. WPJA’s approach toward wedding photography is a candid, documentary one – as they put it, they tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it for you. Add to this our own approach to audio recording, using both interviews and live voices. The result – a fresh and original account of the wedding day, portraying not only its highlights but the many small, true moments that make a unique day of it.

The main feature about wedding photofilms is that they are entirely bespoke. There is no preordained structure prior to the day itself – in a nutshell, it’s nothing like the predictable sequence of pics portraying bride-entering-the-church, couple-kissing, rice-shower, wedding-cake-cut. All this is there, of course, but the whole production depends unpredictably on what actually happens during the day. For “Happy Times” the conceptual cores are time and elegance, while in “Noi quattro ci sposiamo” (“We four are getting married”) the powerful presence of the couple’s children suggested that we embraced a family perspective in telling the story.

It is a very promising path for us – keep an eye on the next multimedia productions and, for now, have a sneak peek to the highlights of Siobhan and Craig’s (here) and Betti and Riccardo’s (here) own big days. The full versions are each around 10 minutes long.

Rino Pucci - MEI


"One Day on Two Wheels" wins prestigious multimedia photojournalism prize

18 November 2011

Another big success for Rino Pucci Studio. We are very proud to announce that our photofilm One Day on Two Wheels just won the Primo Premio di Fotogiornalismo Multimediale, a prestigious Italian multimedia photojournalism award.
The award is promoted by MEI (Meeting degli Indipendenti, a yearly event gathering and showcasing Italian indie music makers and producers) in cooperation with Fotografia & Informazione (Italian photojournalism association), within the frame offered by PIVI (Italian independent videoclip award). Its aim is to find and award the best 2011 multimedia project – which happens to be our work, or so we’ve been told.
“One Day on Two Wheels” tells five It have been chosen out of 33 contestants on the following grounds: “thanks to its journalistic drive and the skilled overall use of all multimedia tools within a well-built narrative context – forceful screenplay, masterly photography, excellent use of audio tracks, editing and layout effective for internet and other platforms”.
‘One Day On Two Wheels’ is a photofilm exploring the love-hate relationship between London and bikes. It interweaves five stories taking place in one day during Summer 2010: flower delivery boy Julian Sayarer, fashion designer Amy Fleuriot, Olympic glory Don Shaul, City of London Police cycling squad and mechanic Tony Welsh.
You can follow them into an extra-ordinary day featuring the live voices of the city – pubs, traffic, everyday thoughts and tales of a lifetime. Always strictly on two wheels.
On Sunday November 27th we’ll be in Italy to receive the prize from the very hands of the jury – stay tuned!


7000 hands is a “work of a rare quality” – a fantastic review from duckrabbit

Rino Pucci in the duckrabbit blog
20 June 2011

It was really a great surprise – duckrabbit posted our “7000 hands” photofilm on their blog describing it as a “work of a rare quality” and some other nice words you can read here.

It’s a big achievement for us as duckrabbit, founded by Benjamin Chesterton and David White, is a UK renowned digital and broadcast production company. Their blog – which Innovative Interactivity defines as “widely-read (and highly opinionated)” – has more than 44,000 monthly readers.


“London cycle stories” shortlisted for international film festival

Samuel Jones on his bike
25 April 2011

Great news from Turin. “London cycle stories”, the latest photofilm production of Rino Pucci Studio, has been shortlisted for Cinemambiente, an international festival dedicated to environment-related films. Over one thousand films from all over the world have been running at Cinemambiente this year – one more reason to be proud of our shortlisted job – and LCS will be now competing with other 12 productions in the International Short Film section.

The festival will take place in Turin, Italy, in the charming venue of the National Cinema Museum, from May 31st to June 5th. At least one screening of the documentary has already been scheduled – if we’re lucky, there might be two. We’ll keep you posted with dates and venues, in case you’re around Turin and want to re-watch “London cycle stories” on a full-size screen.

The President of the judging panel will be Michael Cimino – this makes us a little nervy but flattered to in the company of such a genius. His presence in Turin is very significant: it means that interest towards environmentally aware productions is growing, not only locally but globally.

Over the last 14 years, since it was founded in Turin, Cinemambiente’s mission has been to promote environmental cinema and culture – not only through the film festival but also thanks to the year-round initiatives it patronises.

Check out here the brand new trailer of “London cycle stories” – now with a voiceover from the lovely Suzy Cole.


Rino Pucci interviewed by FotoInfo

Portraits book
17 April 2011

It’s a fact – London is a hub for new technologies and trends, and the rest of the world just follows. That’s why, although in the UK audio slideshows are a young but established media format, in Italy they’re regarded pretty much as small green aliens landing in one’s backyard.

To throw some light on this new fascinating media form, the Italian website FotoInfo.net has interviewed our very own Rino Pucci, asking him to take stock of the situation (interview available here – remember it’s in Italian). FotoInfo.net is the website of Fotografia & Informazione, an Italian photojournalism association dedicated to promoting high professional standards and updates on technological issues and the cultural interests of its members. Since one couldn’t talk about audio slideshows through an audio slideshow, for once we had to give in to a video being recorded at the University of Westminster campus (images by Cristian Mantio edited by Valentina Massimi).

Rino Pucci talks about audio slideshows and multimedia productions from a London perspective – starting from our photodocumentary “London cycle stories”, the major project of Rino’s MA in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster. His main point is: audio slideshows are giving new life to photojournalism, as evidence suggests – not only are they widely used on BBC.co.uk, Guardian.co.uk and other major British online newspapers, but they’re prompting the creation of new ad hoc businesses like Duckrabbit.co.uk and ourselves.

The interview generated a lot of comments and observations, mainly debating the usability and the potential of audio slideshows – which, we think, are huge: audio slideshows combine images and sound in a way that is neither banal nor detrimental to either format. Conversely, their merge adds value to the final production: an audio slideshow is something much more powerful than the mere sum of photos and sound.


“Shanked” becomes an audio slideshow

18 March 2011

There is a problem – a big one like knife crime among young people -, there are traditional ways of dealing with it and there are innovative and unconventional ideas which aim to find a way to the very core of the problem. One of these ideas led to the creation of “Shanked”, a play written and produced by Natalie Flynn, performed by street people who in many cases have a first-hand experience of knife crime and now playing on stage at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre in London.

As Rino Pucci Studio, we liked “Shanked” so much we’ve agreed to take photos of it, record the actors’ voices and create an audio slideshow out of it. Blame the interest we have in the human and social sides of the stories – what can be the consequences of knife crime on people’s lives, not only for those who are personally involved in incidents but also for families and communities.

The recording took place during the week of “rehearsals with audience” of the play – a pilot week to get “Shanked” perfectly in tune with its audience. We’ve succeeded in creating a unique audio slideshow, quite different from our other productions, with no voiceover or character-driven audio, where the primary voice is that of one subject, who also becomes the narrator. This time the recorded voices are the ones of the live performing actors, so that the feeling is one of being right there – on the stage together with them.


Taking photos of an NBA match

Action shot of basketball players
05 March 2011

NBA lands in London. O2 Arena, Toronto Raptors vs New Jersey Nets, an awfully tight match with a final score of 136-137. After triple overtime, the Nets finally make it over the Raptors.

Such an unmissable event – it’s not every day you have the most famous giants in the world at tube distance, having them crossing the ocean to come to you and not viceversa (check out the whole thing here). Basically we couldn’t help ourselves – as Rino Pucci Studio we got hold of a press accreditation and took the opportunity to take a few shots and record some audio. The photos that came out will to be part of a super-secret project we can’t disclose yet… Be sure, though, it will be absolutely boom-tastic.

It was our first time taking shots of a basketball game, so we focussed mainly on studying the moves and motions of the players, trying to catch the twirls and jumps and sprints so typical of basketball. The only photo available now can be found here – on sale in our Fine Art section.


Inside a surgeon's thoughts

Surgeon in gown
20 February 2011

How many of us have ever wondered what’s going on in the mind of a surgeon before, during and after performing an operation? If all we know relies on medical drama tv series, then it’s time to listen to what a real surgeon has to say.

Dr Maurizio Musso, senior hand surgeon in Milan, has shared with Maria Giulia Ganassini his most personal thoughts and feelings related to surgery in a 30-minute-long conversation. His thoughts have then been rearranged and concentrated into a 2-minutes text with many similarities to a theatre script – and combined with the shots taken by photojournalist Rino Pucci during a two-day reportage about Dr Musso’s surgical procedures at CTO (Traumatological Orthopaedic Centre) in Milan.

The result – a powerful photofilm (available here – beware if you’re faint-of-heart) that takes the audience into a trip you’ll never get to experience unless you’re a doctor, a nurse or (touch wood) a patient. Enter the operating theatre, watch Dr Musso and his team perform the operation and listen to his very thoughts – acted out in a stream of consciousness through the voiceover of Robert Topping.


New screening requests for “London cycle stories”

Cyclist walking with bike
15 February 2011

Attention about “London cycle stories” remains high in London – our latest photodocumentary has raised a special interest among the cycling community, who keeps asking us to schedule new dedicated screenings.

Hackney Bicycle Film Society, for instance, is a group of film lovers that organises a monthly screening of films related to bicycles – coordinator Adam Thompson had watched “London cycle stories” at the Garrison last November and liked it so much he asked us to schedule a new screening for the 14th February last. Our photodocumentary was screened alongside “Les Bicyclettes de Belsize” by Douglas Hickox (1968) – what an honour – at the Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, not far from the British Museum (more details here).

And there is more – on the 7th February, “London cycle stories” was screened at the Old Cholmeley Boys Club in Hackney. The occasion was Vive Le Tour, a collectively owned and bicycle-inspired evening of entertainment, showcasing London’s finest cycle-related art, music, charity and culture. Our shenanigans were filmed by Clouds TV, a community project set to produce a short series for Channel 4, in front of a live studio audience.


Teaching students about audio slideshows

Teacher with student
26 January 2011

It’s often said young minds are the most creative – why not reach out to them and see what they make of audio slideshows, then? Our photojournalist Rino Pucci was invited by Dormers Well High School in Southall, Greater London, to hold a Media and Photography Workshop for the students.

A screening of “London cycle stories”, our latest audio slideshow, was put up – the kids were fascinated by the way the perception of motion is created through the non-linear syncing of audio and photos. Then the students were asked to take on their cameras and voice recorders and put together the material for their own audio slideshow production. Even though we haven’t seen the final productions yet, we’re sure they’ll be awesome!

It’s been a fun and enriching experience – especially given the mixed, multi cultural and multi faith nature of the school, reflecting closely the make-up of the Southall community. As Rino Pucci Studio we have an agreement with DWHS for an important mid-term photographic research project. If you want to have a sneak peek just browse our dedicated gallery here.


“My football nightmare” pilot screening

Cheerleaders in pyramid
24 January 2011

Everybody likes carousels. If you’re a photojournalist and Carousel is the name of an innovative and experimental showcase evening – you just can’t help loving it. As Rino Pucci Studio we took part in one of these special evenings organised by the HOST Gallery, a central London commercial photographic gallery, internationally recognised for showing some of the most innovative and exciting contemporary photographs from around the world.

The work we showcased was “My football nightmare”, an audio slideshow pilot for a bigger production dedicated, as the title suggests, to football. Carousel proved crucial as a testing ground with a public made of fellow photographers, critics and picture editors – thanks to their suggestions, we now know what works well and what needs to be adjusted. “My football nightmare” is still under work, but you can see some shots in its dedicated gallery and, should you so wish, buy them in our Fine Art section.


Another test screening for “London cycle stories”

Bike tools
13 January 2011

There is nothing like being back home – especially when you manage to arrange a special test screening of your latest work, photodocumentary “London cycle stories” in our case. Thanks to Simona Bertoglio, CEO of Insana, and her assistant Francesca Luzzana, we were able to set the screening in the beautiful venue of their building in via San Marco 50 – large screen and excellent audio system included.

Around forty guests gathered to watch and review this test screening, which is not yet the official release – we hope to have that in a few months time during a major film festival. We were literally overwhelmed by questions – the debate turned out to be longer than the photodocumentary itself! Nice to see how a 28-minute production can raise so many questions.


A voiceover for “The 'best before' day”

Man carrying sandwiches
10 January 2011

It’s a fact – we like experimenting. As Rino Pucci Studio we believe creativity is all about continuing to look for new inspiration and techniques. That’s why we’re very proud of announcing our very first photofilm with a voiceover instead of the usual character-driven audio (where the primary voice is that of one subject who also becomes the narrator). The photodocumentary is “The ‘best before’ day” and the voiceover – well, what a voiceover!

The voice of Mike Cooper, BBC World Service newsreader among other things, dramatically beats the time of a day in the life of FareShare volunteers – a sort of frantic dance where green trays pass from hand to hand within a few hours, bringing sources of nourishment back to life.

Supermarket, van, depot, van, canteen – this is their mantra. Just in London, FareShare distributes 13,000 meals per week. Everything starts during the night in 20 big chains, everything ends, a few hours later, in 62 charities that help people rebuild lives where the word “surplus” is just meaningless.


The four seasons of Richmond Park

Ice and leaves
12 December 2010

A first edit of the shots taken in Richmond Park, the largest among London Royal Parks, is completed. The project started two months ago – a photodocumentary that portrays the life of the park over the four seasons, studying both the beautiful landscapes (hills, woodlands, ponds, gardens and grasslands) and the wildlife. A new kind of photography for us, made of long look-outs and woodpeckers, squirrels, rabbits and parakeets all around us.

The most difficult animals to catch sight of, and maybe the most interesting, were the herds of red and fallow deer roaming freely within much of the park. It can be quite dangerous to get close to them during the rut – the roaring and barking of large males, their antlers clashing. What a view!

Get a sneak peek of a first selection of autumn and winter shots in this gallery.


The sweet taste of the first time

Black and white photo of man holding trophies
27 November 2010

Finally, the première. The debut of our beloved photodocumentary “London cycle stories” in front of a proper audience. A very informal one, made of friends and colleagues, plus the special presence of the people who “starred” in the production. On the occasion, we hired the nice and cosy cinema room hosted by The Garrison, a Michelin-star gastropub near London Bridge.

Great atmosphere, good beer, a lot of curiosity and excitement about the final production. The protagonists of six of the 11 stories were there, waiting for their first sight of their screen appearance – they hadn’t had a glimpse thus far. The screening was a success – we look forward to organising a bigger one in the near future.


The bike squad hits the news

Police on bicycle
24 November 2010

Remember the bike squad of the City of London Police we talked about in “London cycle stories”? Well, the idea behind it seems to be so innovative that foreign newspapers decided to give it some space on their own pages. Being the one who turned the spotlight on the matter, our photojournalist Rino Pucci was asked to write about it on Corriere Motori, the monthly supplement devoted to the automotive world published by Corriere della Sera, the leading Italian newspaper (500,000+ circulation) for which Rino works as a London-based contributor.

The result is “Bici, la lezione inglese” (Bikes, the English lesson): a double-page spread which embeds photos by Rino Pucci Studio and tells about this new approach to traffic problems and bike safety. The modus operandi of the City of London Police bike squad revolves around prevention – because teaching cyclists how to control their bikes and how to interact with other vehicles means lowering incident rates. And that’s a good lesson for everyone.


“The 'best before' day” gets showcased

Sandwiches on a table
20 October 2010

As Rino Pucci Studio we’ve been invited to showcase one of our latest reportages, “The ‘best before’ day”, on a very special occasion. From 11th – 16th October The Hub Kings Cross organised the Hub Sustainability Week, a really exciting programme of workshops, talks and events with the aim of creating momentum for sustainability best practice by bringing together business leaders and organisations for networking, inspiration and resources.

A selection of six 50×70 cm prints from “The ‘best before’ day”, completed by an explanatory board, were displayed. The final goal was to draw visibility on inspiring stories of social commitment told in a creative and informative way. As a photojournalism studio, that’s exactly what we like to do through our productions – to encourage people to see sustainability as a positive, relevant and achievable goal.