London cycle stories


Cycle stories DVD

What brings together a flower delivery boy, an innovative fashion designer, a wannabe politician and some naked environmentalist protesters? Easy answer: London, and bikes. Because, according to each individual, bikes can become many things. A means to protest against the system. A safe harbour for an endangered life. The raison d‘être for élite clubs. A new way of conceiving business. An exciting excuse to run away from the city – even if only for one night.

A 28-minute photodocumentary. shortlisted for ‘cinemambiente’ festival

From the City of London Police cycle squad to the elderly participant in Olympics, from the revival of rolling-racing to the young fashion designer of clothing, to name just a few – “London cycle stories”, a 28-minute photo-documentary, explores the love-hate relationship between London and bicycles through 11 individual and group stories.

Edited in the shape of an anthology film, “London cycle stories” is a multimedia project: the 11 clips are 11 slideshows (pictures, title and some visual captions) with an audio trace (interviews, ambient sounds, voices) that serves as an audio caption – mainly with the character-driven audio style. Bicycles are part of the London urban landscape, but, despite having a Mayor, Boris Johnson, who is called the “cycling mayor”, the UK capital isn’t a bike-friendly city. There is a huge problem with the infrastructure, from cycle lanes to bike parking spaces, and there is the safety issue: accidents involving cyclists have been dramatically increased in the last few years. According to a survey from Cycling Plus magazine, London is rated 17th in the list of UK bike-friendly cities.

Nevertheless, some steps have been taken in order to increase the use of bicycles in London (among them, the Cycle Hire scheme: a public bicycle sharing scheme for short journeys in and around central London). This documentary’s aim was to capture – through stories told by “everyday” people – the essence of cycling in London in the precise moment bikes are slowly moving from being a personal choice to a corporate and political city solution.